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Advanced Driving Lessons & Pass Plus

Boost Your Confidence And Become a Safer Driver

Are you are a new driver or haven't driven in a while and lack confidence in one or more areas? Taking advanced driving lessons can work wonders to help you improve your skills and boost your confidence to become a safer, smoother and more aware driver. We're happy to provide a one-off lesson, customise a course for you or help you get your Pass Plus certificate.

Pass Plus Course

The course takes at least 6 hours and consists of 6 modules:

  1. Town driving

  2. Out of town driving / driving on rural roads

  3. All-weather driving

  4. Night driving

  5. Driving on dual carriageways

  6. Driving on motorways

Due to local (weather) conditions, some aspects may be taught theory-based.

To make sure that all sessions are enjoyable and successful we customise them for each pupil's individual needs.

DVSA-Approved Pass Plus Instructors

You will take the Pass Plus course with a fully qualified and DVSA-approved Pass Plus instructor.

Pass Plus Certificate

You won't be required to take a formal test. However, your performance will be assessed throughout the Pass Plus training. After passing all modules, you and your Pass Plus instructor will sign the training report which you need to send to the Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency to apply for your certificate.

Contact the DVSA Pass Plus team:

Reduce Your Insurance Cost

Some car insurance companies offer a discount for Pass Plus certificate holders. Check with your insurance if they do — if so, they usually grant the discount to drivers who passed their practical driving test up to 1 year ago. You might be able to put the discount on hold for up to 2 years if you currently do not own a car. Black box insurance could be an alternative way for you to bring your insurance premium down.

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